Q&A: Flank Steak

Hoping you can help.
I am looking for a typical American flank steak cut. I see from your chart that should be 15 or 17. In Supersol they have a #15 but it’s quite thick and I think I want a #17, but they said they don’t get those.

Any idea if a #15 will work with a marinade and grilling recipe? It looks too thick to grill nicely whole. Alternatively, any idea where I can get a #17? I suppose I need a specialty butcher.

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Stuffed Breast of Lamb

That’s right, you read the title correctly. Yes, it was every bit as delicious as it sounds. And not only wasn’t it smuggled in from America, it was bought in Osher Ad of all places. Rami Levy had best pay attention, because between non-numbered meat and Kirkland products, Osher Ad is playing for keeps.

Plus, I was able to give someone who has never had lamb their first taste. Chefs live to introduce new foods to people.
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Quick Bites: Hot Sauce Pulled Chicken

The élan with which true aficionados attack a steaming platter of Buffalo wings is at once fascinating and terrifying. The single mindedness of their behavior – eschewing drink, napkin, and decorum – can only be understood in terms of a drug addict trying to achieve the sensation of their first “high.” Indeed, it is the endorphins released by the bucketful that try to counteract the searing pain brought on by the gluttonous consumption of capsaicin that is very much like an addict’s reaction to drugs.

Pulled chicken makes it that much easier.

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